Ship, cruise and yacht constructions

It’s very important on board of ships, yachts and cruises that the interior design reflects hospitality, enjoyment, pleasure and comfort. A motorized curtain track such as the Forest Shuttle® respond to those needs. Control the curtain from the comfort of the bed or seating area by remote. By the integration of ‘touch control’ it’s also possible to operate the curtain manually. Ultimate luxury in a ‘home at sea’ with a ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Forest Group offers innovate solutions, with this we meet a market demand. Today’s ships are modern with advanced concepts and breathtaking interiors. Our Skylight® system is ideal for windows where a simple system doesn’t offer the desired effect and comfort.

Thanks to our own production and assembly departments spread all over the world, we are flexible and can deliver quickly. Offering bespoke solution is our specialty!

Forest Shuttle

Silent, smooth and motorized at the touch of your hand or by remote

Forest Skylight System

Two systems combined, smooth motorized operation to cover a horizontal or sloping skylight window.